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Why performance and development?

Performance and development is about creating a culture of teacher quality, feedback and growth for all teachers within all schools.

The Human Resources Directorate provides clear information about the performance and development process for all staff working in departmental schools: https://education.nsw.gov.au/human-resources/performance


The  process

Teaching staff and non-teaching staff both uses a similar process for performance development. Essentially there are three phases: Plan, Implement, Review. Each phases is informed by reflection so the process is essentially a cycle of action and reflection.  


A Performance and Development Plan (PDP) is used to record individual teacher's annual performance and development process. Teachers can complete their PDP online using the following link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PDP_2017 or download the word version here (DOC 106.33 KB). Follow this link for further resources to support the performance and development process.

To complete your PDP be sure to download:


Working with common purpose towards common goals for the common good

Doing our personal best
We all work best when we have clear goals and understand what is expected of us, receive fair and regular feedback about how we are performing and what we can do to improve and are recognised for a job well done. 

Clarity of goals and purpose

Our common goals are made explicit in the Middle Harbour Public School School Plan for 2017.

This plan aligns with and is developed from the Department of Education Strategic Plan.

High and explicit expectations 

The expected standard for performance is made explicit through the

Performance and Development at Middle Harbour Public School

Part 1: High and Explicit Expectations for All

 This document describes the expectations for all teaching staff and staff supporting student learning. It contains the following:

  • Using the Professional Teaching Standards as common standards, frameworks and progressions of learning and development
  • Principal Standard and Leadership Pathways
  • The Principal, Deputy Principal and the Assistant Principal in Practice
  • The Instructional Leader
  • The School Learning and Support Officer
  • The Classroom Teacher


Part 2: Putting it into practice - Yearly Planner

This document outlines how we can meet the responsibilities of our roles and expected standards by doing our jobs. This is a yearly planner to help keep us on track. This document will be adapted and modified as we find what works best in our school.


Part 3: Roles and responsibilities

This document describes the different leadership opportunities at MHPS and the responsibilities relevant to the role.


What about 'under performance'?

The under performance of staff may become apparent as part of the performance and development cycle. However,  the process for addressing underperformance is separate from performance and development process and is addressed via the NSW Conduct and Performance Directorate.  


Useful resources

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